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Receive Payments Online

There are millions of users & webmasters out there that make money online through the internet. Almost a lot of GDP of US comes from Freelancing & working online and Internet has brought before us a very open trend & the easiest way to make money right from the comfort of our living rooms. The same way when someone has done work & completed projects for their customers, the webmaster or freelancer now needs the easiest & affordable way to withdraw & receive those payments and if you're beginner then this post is all about that stuff in which I'm going to share with you an easiest way to receive payments from your customers & freelance sites.

There are hundreds of Freelance sites including,,, and a lot more that helps freelancers & webmasters make money online while working from their living rooms. Now the issue is with most of us is receiving those earnings in various countries so I'm going to recommend you the best company to send & receive payments online at very affordable and easiest ways that you ever though of before.

Best Companies To Send & Receive Payments Online (For Freelancers, Bloggers, Businesses & Affiliate Marketers)

 1. PayPal

If you're working online then you might already know about PayPal which is also known as PP which is the world's leading online banking company that helps companies, marketplaces, freelancers & bloggers & affiliate marketers send & receive payments globally at very affordable prices & fees. PayPal is popular because of its features & advantages because it lets Businesses get paid by their customers through websites & make sales through PayPal.

PayPal also offers a Free MasterCard but only in United States & I think outside US, no one can get a Free MasterCard however Payoneer which we're going to talk about in the below section does offer a Free MasterCard that lets Payoneer Account Holders withdraw their funds from their Payoneer Accounts through ATMs or make payments online or instores.

So PayPal is the best way to check out and receive payments online at very affordable prices.

If you're living right in Pakistan and want to get a verified PayPal account in Pakistan then I'd recommend you check out PayPal's Pakistan Blog.

2. Payoneer

Payoneer is one of the closest alternatives of PayPal with over 2 Million+ customers around the world which makes Payoneer one of the leading companies to send & receive payments online. It's the simplest yet very friendly company to Freelancers, Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers & eCommerce Businesses to get paid by global customers & companies and send, receive & withdraw payments through their Local Bank accounts in their local currencies. (You can look at the Payoneer Wiki on Wikipedia here)

As we mentioned above, Payoneer lets you withdraw your fund through ATM and Local bank accounts in your local currencies and charges very low fee. You can take a look at their Payoneer Transfer Fees here.

I'm also using Payoneer for the last few years and it's working in over 200+ countries and also lets you withdraw money through ATMs in over Millions of ATMs that support MasterCard.

The bonus point with Payoneer is that it gives you a free $35 bonus when you create account with Payoneer Sign UP but make sure that you have a local bank account because without a local bank account, you won't be able to sign up with Payoneer and won't be able to create an account.